Candidates Endorsed

Gerry Bredefeld Image

Garry Bredefeld

Fresno County Supervisor, District 2

Garry Bredefeld is the man of Exodus 18:31 an Able man, God fearing, Trustworthy, Transparent, Courageous, a Fighter for our God given and Constitutional rights and a man of word.  Mr. Bredefeld has been the “Only” official fighter, a servant of the people, for the people and against the unconstitutional draconian Covid lockdowns, closure of churches and businesses.  He is the “only” one speaking up against the abuse and destructive and radical policies against our children.  We are honored to endorse Gary Bredefeld as Fresno County Supervisor District 2.

Denice Gary-Pandol

US Senate 2024

We are delighted to see a God-fearing, intelligent, honest, dedicated, hardworking lady stepping up to the difficult challenges our State of California is facing.  Denice Gary-Pandol is strong in her moral values, a requirement needed to not back down to evil pressure once in office.  She is risking her peace, safety, and security for our sake.  We must support her now and while in the office in any way we can, if you cannot be a volunteer, please consider financial support, you will be glad you did when you see this witty, unapologetic, national security expert get things done the right way. 

 It is our honor to support Denice Gary-Pandol for US Senate 2024

Candidates Opposed